Company incorporation services

In a globalized world, many corporate clients and entrepreneurs require the flexibility to properly structure their cross-border investments and set up their strategic businesses, as well as many private clients and high net worth individuals may seek for effective solutions in the field of asset protection and estate planning.

As a matter of fact, all countries have different legal, tax and administration systems, and without in-depth knowledge and experience, establishing a business presence in a foreign country can be an outstanding challenge.

Thanks to our large network of contacts among the most renowned professional consultants, accountants and legal advisors from all around the globe, we are able to provide holistic solutions, both to private clients and SMEs.

By acting as an interface with local service providers across the world, we ensure a high level of professionalism, providing a single point of contact, realistic timeframes and a single one-stop shop for all your business requirements.

We make available a wide range of legal and accounting services for incorporation, administration and maintenance of companies in Slovakia, as well as in some of the most reputable jurisdictions in Europe, in the UK and UAE.

We take pride in providing accurate and efficient service, and whatever the complexity of the task to be tackled, we aim to furnish our clients with simple, practical yet effective solutions.