Fine food and handicraft

The current interest in traditional food and handicraft products is part of a general desire for authentic experiences. As a matter of fact, specialty food and fine handicraft are really sought after and meet the attention of discerning consumers, connecting local producers with international markets.

Food and handicraft also play an important role in preserving the rich heritage of any country, as artisans and craftsmen preserve their identity and tradition through the realization of their own products.

The dynamic of mesh up heritage together with business consists therefore in actualizing, adapting, and re-interpreting elements from the past, thus combining conservation and innovation.

Thanks to the international overwhelming interest that supports the growth of food and handicraft markets, the attention related to these specific sectors has accomplished its peak rapidly and quickly, generating contacts, relationships and opportunities.

In order to enhance the valorization of these local productions and their heritage value, we are prepared to supply several services such as promotional campaigns, workshops organization, b2b meetings, regional events (themed events, processing demonstrations, trade fairs participation, etc.) just to name a few.